Today Is Yours! You Choose!

It's wide open. It's all yours. What do you want to put on your calendar? What do you want to experience today? This week? Choose how you want to BE?

Now look at your own calendar you've been using up to now. The one in your phone, computer, or kitchen. 
Quite different? Full of stuff? Busy, busy, busy? 

But are you enjoying your day? 

Want to change something? Really? Okay, here's a start:

Just for today, choose to act on one of the following that is usually out of your comfort zone:
  • give up or stop doing something you've been doing primarily motivated by feelings of guilt
  • turn off the TV - all of them!
  • get together with someone that would feel mutually positive, uplifting, supportive- coffee or lunch
  • deal with one of those 'little' things that have been bugging you and you've planned to 'getaroundtoit' someday, such as:
    • buy that extra pair of scizzors for the kitchen
    • attach a hook in the front hall closet as a place to hang your car keys 
    • put up "those pictures"
    • take down or get rid of that ugly picture, plate, figurine etc. that is only there because it was a gift (but really you hate it)
    • give away All of your clothes that you've not worn for two years. 
    • fix the loose cupboard door
    • patch up the gouges in the wall
    • you get the idea...we've all got a one today!
  • go to the news stand and randomly pick out a magazine on a topic you know NOTHING it, and read it through
  • pick an inspirational quote, and say it out loud three times every hour while awake
  • turn off the car radio and drive in complete silence
  • stay within the speed limit, in the right lane whenever possible, and let other cars 'in' 
  • say 'NO' to something you really would rather not do but usually 'get stuck' doing. Remember, "No." is a complete sentence
  • do a random act of kindness for someone, and don't tell ANYONE, ever, that you did it
  • put your wrist watch on the opposite arm to usual, and leave it there
  • walk around your own block, or up and down the street, and say Hello to 2 or more people you usually don't speak to
  • take your dog for a walk, or, if you don't have one, ask to take a friend's dog for a walk. Spend at least one hour together
  • tell someone close to you that you love them
  • hug your children
  • take flowers to someone in hospital or care home
  • call or visit your parent(s), only to a) thank (them) for bringing you into the world, and b) tell (them) you love them
Have other ideas? Suggestions? Feedback? How'd it go for you? What differences did you notice?

Share your experience on our Comments & Feedback page...and pass it on (yes, that could be a bullet point too!)

 ~ Have fun, and get going on changing your life! One day at a time! ~