During the current worldwide economic crisis and recession, many are facing job loss, financial insecurity, business collapses, home foreclosures, and personal bankruptcy. And this is happening in unprecedented rates to otherwise very successful and hard working citizens. The impact, not only financially, but emotionally, and on relationships and families, is tremendous, and sometimes devastating.

Many are hard working people with responsibilities and a family to support. Facing such adversity is challenging, and for most, a new experience with no where to turn for support. 

We understand, and will help you deal with this crisis emotionally, as well as coach you through the mounting problems and pressures that seem relentless and unending. At times it feels hopeless, with despair setting in, compounding your already spiralling self esteem and confidence to move forward. 

It's at times like these when we feel like isolating, not wanting others to know, keeping your situation secret, with reluctance to get help. If you are feeling despair, and /or shame, you are not alone! These are normal feelings, and ones we are not comfortable with feeling and expressing.

Instead of withdrawing, we will help you hold your head high, and to walk through these challenges with dignity and self respect.

It seems paradoxically and counter intuitive to pay someone to help you when you are loosing equity and your bank account is depleting. Yes, indeed. The irony is that you can't afford to not get help. Your problems, and the bank, will not go away. An investment in your self will pay dividends your entire lifetime.

In addition to contacting us to support, guide, and coach you through this, please also feel free to share your experience, fears, despair, progress, and hope, with others. Your sharing can both be therapeutic for yourself, and of service to others. If you would like for us to comment, please indicate so.