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John Derry

Clients express gratitude for the compassionate, focused, and highly effective skill that John is gifted with. He helps individuals and families heal, find meaning and purpose, and change their lives. You too can be mentored by John of Focus on Today.

John Derry has an impressive track record of success and is known for his outstanding interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. He offers a unique depth of expertise based upon his complementary proficiency in both pharmacy and addiction. His credentials and professional experience distinguish him as an expert in his field.

John is a licensed pharmacist and holds a Master of Arts degree in Addiction Counselling from the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies. The Hazelden Foundation is the world leader in the treatment of chemical dependency and the training of addiction professionals. John has helped countless of all walks of life through his many years of clinical practice.
John is founding Director of Serenity Vista addiction recovery retreat in Boquete, Panama. Read John's inspirational story here.
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