Let It Be

posted Apr 1, 2011, 5:50 PM by Focus On Today   [ updated Apr 5, 2011, 11:00 AM ]

Like for a lot of people, this past two years has definitely been a bit of an endurance test. The shaken world economy also came into our home, and the recession became a reality. It has manifested in, when not appropriately treated spiritually, a lot of clouded vision, tightness of heart, and fear.

It is finally Spring though, and it feels impossible to miss the tremendous and vast promise of the Universe as it unfolds in the slender shoot of the daffodils and the cheerful treble of returning songbirds. As I mentioned above, when treated spiritually, hard times are easy, but being human means, for me, usually being human and looking for human answers to solve apparent problems. I think that if I just think hard enough, or worry more, or twist the apparent problem over and over and over in my mind, that I shall be clever enough to come up with the grand solution. When I realize I'm doing this, again, I turn it over to the Universe, and ask for help. This past week, I specially asked for clear discernment as to God's will for me. What should I 'do'?

And, as the Universe is unfailing, I got a personalized response that was impossible to miss.

I had a fairly rare visit with my 15 year-old nephew, Anthony; we live in different cities. I was at his home, and he offered to perform his latest piano recital piece for me. With great deliberation and elocution, the familiar, but not often heard, The Beatles" song, Let It Be resounded through the living room. Anthony's beautiful instrumental version was accompanied with the words in my head, Let it be, let it be, let it be, ya, let it be, there will be an answer, let it be.

All goose-pimply at hearing my message from the Universe, delivered through the experience of Anthony's joyous playing, I thanked my Higher Power for this unusual clarity.

Apparently the Universe wanted to make sure I really got the message. Two days later I was audience to Dr Wayne Dyer speaking in Vernon, BC. This was the first time I had heard Dr Dyer live, but I was not surprised that his daughter Sky had accompanied him. She often joins his presentations and sings a cappella during the show. Halfway through the presentation, Dr Dyer turned the stage over to Sky, and she filled the arena with the familiar and more often now heard, you guessed it, Let It Be. The goose-pimples doubled, and I was overwhelmed with the love and assurance of the Universe that I didn't have to do anything. Dr Dyer said it very eloquently later in his lecture, speaking to me for the Universe, "Jane, you don't have to do anything, you just need to be done. Let it be."

Nothing I have done has coaxed the songbirds to return or the first green buds to appear. No amount of mental gymnastics and agonizing over scenarios will resolve my 'problems'. The Universe has got it all worked out if I can relax and let it be. All the action to be taken will be intuitively obvious. And thanks be to God.

(As I type these last words, gorgeous Red-tail Hawk - The Messenger, soars by my window like a wink from the Universe.)

Jane Derry is a skilled and intuitive counsellor. She specializes in working with individuals and families facing addiction issues and codependency, as well as conflict resolution. Jane's main focus is to help you connect with your higher spiritual self. Jane and her husband John Derry, B.Sc., Phm, Master Counsellor, through their practice Focus On Today, are ready to help you find clarity in your life. Online, Skype, Face to Face, or Telephone services are available.