Private & Readily Accessible Online                                                       

Online by voice or video chat (e.g. Skype) is a very effective way of connecting with expert help and receive the counseling you need, when you need it. Appointments are easy to make through email, and attending is as easy and private as home or office computer. 

We are here for you when you are ready to talk.

Spiritual Advisor/  Consultant

Are you looking for a safe person to talk about your spiritual and/or religious questions or concerns? If you would like to have a meaningful conversation with someone who is non-judgmental, inclusive, non-denominational, neither for nor against organized religion, with no hidden agendas, please email Jane Derry


Looking for a personal online Counsellor?  Personal Coach to help you achieve Excellence?

"If you are feeling stuck, lonely, or discontented, we will help you get unstuck, heal relationships, and feel excited about life!" 

Perhaps you want to enhance your personal effectiveness. To achieve a higher degree of Excellence. Add value and meaning to your life and those you touch.

You deserve the best, and Focus On Today offers you just that. John Derry is a skilled master counselor, and personal life coach, with a solution focus that will help you achieve your goals.

You deserve the best!

Clients express gratitude for the compassionate, focused, and highly effective skill that John is gifted with. He helps individuals and families heal, find meaning and purpose, enhance effectiveness, and change their lives. 

Jane brings special gifts of life, spirit and recovery she lovingly shares and inspires others with. You will be delighted to meet Jane and learn from her deep insight and wisdom in her sessions.

John and Jane, individually, and together, have many years of education, life experiences, and therapeutic practice to share with you. John and Jane are masters of their art, intuitive, wise, and empathetic, and have helped many. You too can be mentored by John and/or Jane of Focus on Today!

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